Founder, CEO (and EverBlock builder)

Arnon Rosan

Arnon Rosan,
Founder, CEO (and Everblock builder)

Arnon Rosan is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and tinkerer. 

He is the founder of several successful manufacturing businesses and is working on his latest business, EverBlock Systems. EverBlock is a manufacturer of modular interlocking building blocks for a variety of real-world applications. 

Prior to founding EverBlock®, Arnon Rosan was the Founder and CEO of Signature Systems Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of modular plastic flooring, fencing, and roadway systems for all types of event, retail, military, construction, industrial and specialty applications. The company built and operates one of the most sophisticated large-part plastics manufacturing facilities in the United States and both rents and sells its products globally. Signature Systems Group was sold to a private equity firm in 2013 and continues to operate under new ownership and leadership. 

Mr. Rosan Co-Founded and served as Chairman of Highland Products Group, an on-line e-commerce and print catalog supplier specializing in park and recreation equipment and site furnishings for public facilities such as municipal parks, recreation facilities, schools, and worship facilities. 

Prior to founding Signature and Highland, Mr. Rosan founded and built Portafloor, one of the world’s first modular flooring systems for special event use at stadiums, in tents, and for other specialty applications. Its products gained acceptance globally and were used in the 1996 Olympic Games and other large scale events. Portafloor was sold to American Sports Products Group (Astroturf), a strategic buyer, in 1998 and became part of its Sport Court division. 

Arnon Rosan is listed on several global patents, including several modular, interconnecting flooring and roadway systems and a unique manufacturing technology related to plastic molding and large-part manufacturing. 

Mr. Rosan has spoken publicly on entrepreneurship, technology, and international business strategy and his products and companies have been featured in a wide array of publications including Wired, Fast Company, Time Magazine, Mashable, Slate, Bustle, and others. 

He is a graduate of Cornell University (BA) and New York University (MBA) and currently lives in New York City.

EverBlock teamed up with the Pickler & Ben Show to give a NYC classroom an incredible makeover using our blocks! EverBlock CEO, Arnon Rosan, was in studio with Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron discussing how he came up with the idea for EverBlock and also introduces EverBlock Jr. on TV!